Financial Research and Learning Lab

How to Access SDC Platinum

SDC Platinum is available on all computers in the Financial Research and Learning Lab (DMS2186). Telfer School of Management faculty members can request installation on a university-owned office desktop computer. Contact Telfer IT Support at to request this.

To access SDC Platinum in the Finance Lab, you must click on the Icon on the desktop. For the username you will enter FN followed by the computer number which is located in the top right corner of the desk you are sitting at. For example computer 10 would be FN10.

Accessible on the remote lab with 90 minutes per session.



What is SDC Platinum?

SDC Platinum features historical data on new issues, M&A, syndicated loans, project finance, poison pills and more.

Our subscription includes access to the following content:

  • Global New Issues Databases - International coverage on new public offerings. Coverage from 1970+ and varies
  • M&A - 900,000+ domestic and international transactions from 1979+
  • Corporate Governance -  Poison Pills and Proxy Fight Data
  • Corporate Restructurings -  Bankruptcy data from 1980+
  • VentureXpert - Official Database of the National Venture Capital Association with coverage from 1969+
  • Global Public Finance - International coverage of new municipal issues and project finance. 

There is a 30-day embargo on data. 

Using SDC Platinum

For help getting started SDC Platinum, new users can: