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Be sure to bring a USB key to save your documents.

Creating a Bloomberg ID

NOTE: Be sure have your cell phone with you in order to receive your validation code from Bloomberg.

Login to the terminal using your library username and password:

Username: The information that precedes the @ in your uOttawa email address.
Password: Your infoweb password (for new students in Fall 2013) or your webmail password (for returning students and staff)

Bloomberg Professional will launch automatically.

Press <Enter/GO> on the Bloomberg keyboard.

Choose the Create new login option and then follow the on-screen instructions.

If you do not receive your validation code from Bloomberg a few minutes after submitting the required information, choose option 3) and a customer service representative will contact you at the number you provided.

Be sure to take note of your username and password.

Once you have submitted all the required information in the amber fields and you complete your registration, you can then login to Bloomberg Professional.

Bloomberg Basics from Bloomberg Help Center

University of Calgary Bloomberg Guides

The Business Library at the University of Calgary has prepared several guides (PDFs) on how to find detailed information on equities, energy, currency, commodities, economic indictaors, bonds, company supply chain and industry data.

The Bloomberg Keyboard

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The green keys are action keys.

<Enter/GO> press after each command to run a function.

<HELP> will bring up information regarding the function you are in. Press <HELP> twice for live assistance from Bloomberg.

<MENU> use this to return to the previous screen.

The yellow keys are market sector keys.

LAW -global law and regulation, litigation, legal analysis, news, etc.
GOVT - worldwide sovereign and agency securities
CORP - corporate debt
MTGE - mortgage securities
M-Mkt - money market information
MUNI - U.S municipality issued debt
PFD - preferred shares
EQUITY - equity shares
COMDTY - commodities, futures, options
INDEX - global equity indices, economic indices
CURNCY - currency markets

The red keys are stop keys.

<CONN DEFAULT> use this key to log out, or type OFF <GO>

<Cancel/ESC> will cancel a command.

Advanced Bloomberg