Financial Research and Learning Lab

Utility Function Codes

LAST <GO> displays a list of the last 8 functions accessed.

GRAB <GO> saves a screen to be sent via the message system.

MSG <GO> opens a new message.

Bloomberg Launchpad

Launchpad allows you to create your own customizable desktop to track securities, news and charts.

Type BLP <GO> to run the function.

There is an in-depth tutorial on how to create a launchpad in the Bloomberg Essentials Training videos, or consult the PDF below.


The Business Library at the University of Calgary has prepared several guides (PDFs) on how to find detailed information on equities.

Market Sector Function Codes

Below are keyboard shortcuts to some common functions using the market sector keys. Most of the time, typing a word into the command line will result in a drop-down menu with the most likely functions and securities associated to your term.

**There is a printable PDF of this information located to the right of this box**

**Or visit the rest of our guides under the "Guides Tab"**

Search by Company Name
Type the company name in the command line and hit the <HELP> key
Example: Bombardier <HELP>
A drop-down menu will also appear as you type the company name with optional functions and securites.
Search by Ticker Symbol
Find the ticker symbol for the company:
Enter the company name in the amber field under the COMPANY NAME column then press <GO>
If you know the ticker symbol for the company go directly by entering:
Ticker Symbol <EQUITY><GO>
All Company Information
Ticker Symbol <EQUITY><GO>
Then choose from the on-screen options. Clicking on the white headings will bring up more options.
Company shortcuts below are all functions available from this start screen.
Company News
Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> CN <GO>
Financial Analysis

Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> FA <GO> 
Historical Stock Prices

Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> HP <GO> for Historical Prices
Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> GP <GO> for a Historical Price Graph
Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> GPO <GO> for a Graph with Prices and Volume
Finding Options

OMON (Option Monitor) will provide all current and future Calls and Puts for the equity.
Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> OMON <GO>
Comparative Return Analysis
COMP (Comparative Total Returns) compares the returns of a selected security to its benchmark index and industry group (if available) or to two other selected securities and indices.
Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> COMP <GO> 
Then enter the other security or index you would like to compare in the amber fields.
Total Return Analysis

For an Equity:
Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> TRA <GO>
For an Index:
Index Symbol <INDEX> TRA <GO>
Historical Beta

Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> BETA <GO>
Analyst Recommendations

Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> ANR <GO>
Finding Corporate Bonds

Ticker Symbol <CORP> <GO>
This will list all bonds issued by the equity. Choose a specific bond for more information.
Finding Government Bonds

WB <GO> for a listing of major government bonds around the world
Exchange Rates
For Exchange Rates by region enter:

For World Currency Rates enter:
Spot and Forward Rates