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Factset Financial Modeling Certification

Financial Modeling Certification Details

Obtain a Financial Modeling Certificate through Factset Learning and the Knowledge Base self-study program (after you have requested an account to Factset)

    • Highly recommended for those looking to pursue a career in Investment Banking (same certification program that is offered to professionals)


    • Takes approximately 90 hours to complete the program (1 Semester)


    • Includes over 40 hours of self-paced and web-based content and practice materials. Starts with the basics of Excel, accounting, and finance and finishes with the construction of a complex financial model.


    • Chapters end with quiz questions to test for understanding. To be eligible for the Knowledge Base Certification in Financial Modeling you must pass each quiz should with a score of 70% or higher. 


    • Click the “Register” button to enroll in the Financial Analysis Knowledge Base chapter content.  After completing each of the 19 chapters, including case study and model-building exercises, you will be eligible to register for Factset’s Certification in Financial Modeling.




Knowledge Base Financial Modeling Chapter Outline


  1. Financial Analysis Concepts

  2. Financial Modeling

  3. The Flow of a Model

  4. Excel Basics for Financial Modeling

  5. Historical Operating Assumptions

  6. Projected Operating Assumptions

  7. The Historical Balance Sheet

  8. The Income Statement

  9. Forecasting the Balance Sheet

  10. The Cash Flow Statement

  11. Discounted Cash Flow Concepts

  12. Building a DCF Analysis

  13. Understanding Multiples Valuation

  14. Finding Data in Financial Reports

  15. Scenario Analysis

  16. Transaction Analysis

  17. Average Interest

  18. The Cover Page for Financial Models

  19. Operating Buildup