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About FactSet


Factset is a platform with an easy intuitive interface for research that combines many different sources of analytics and data in order to facilitate monitoring of companies, global markets, and equity or fixed income securities.

Accessing FactSet

Accessing FactSet on Campus:

All thirty-four (34) computer terminals located in the Financial Research and Learning Lab (DMS2186) have the FactSet software installed. These terminals are available on a first-come, first-serve basis during regular lab hours. While the lab is closed due to Covid, Factset is still accessible through the remote lab or by creating a personal online account as follows: 

Accessing FactSet off Campus:

FactSet can easily be accessed using their online web portal. Using your uOttawa student email, simply create a FactSet account using this link. Note, the web version does not offer the Excel API functionality. However, data can still be downloaded into Excel. Once you have received your login credentials, go to the FactSet login page here.

Accessing FactSet on your Smartphone: 

FactSet has a mobile app for Android, iOS and Blackberry Devices. Apps can be downloaded via Google Play Store, App Store, and Blackberry World.

N.B. FactSet may only be used for non-commercial research purposes.

FactSet Resources


The Financial Research and Learning Lab has a compiled a list of PDF guides for students and faculty members to consult, should they need help navigating and understanding the FactSet. Follow this link to learn more.

Certifications and/or Training:

Students who are serious about acquiring finance skills are encouraged to complete FactSet courses (request a FactSet education account here).  Multiple certifications are offered.


FactSet is an active participant in the financial community and present at a variety of conferences and symposiums throughout the year. Click this link to learn more about the events FactSet is coordinating or attending. Use your FactSet account to register.