Financial Research and Learning Lab

Accessing Factset

Lab Workstations

Factset is available on all terminals in the Financial Research and Learning Lab (Desmarais 2186) as a standalone workstation which includes Excel API functionality.

Accessible on the remote lab at 90 minutes per session

At Home

As an additional option, students can access a lite web-based version of Factset at home and on their personal computers.  This version does not offer Excel API functionality but data can be downloaded in Excel.

To request a Factset Log-in please request one via the Registration Tool.

Once you have received your login information you can use Factset Launch to log-in to Factset Connect.

On Your Phone

Factset has a mobile app for Android, iOS and Blackberry Devices. Apps can be downloaded via Google Play, iTunes, and Blackberry World. You will then log-in via your user-name and password.

Factset Getting Started Guide

Factset Comps



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What is Factset?

Factset is a platform with an easy intuitive interface for research that combines many different sources of analytics and data in order to facilitate monitoring of both public and private companies, global markets and equity and fixed income portfolios.

What Can I use Factset For?

  • Market and Portfolio Analytics: Real-time market data, prices, financials, earnings estimates, market research reports, and news in a customizable platform with charting and reporting capabilities for both equity and debt
  • Financial Content and Datasets: Includes data from many third-party data provides as well as Factset collected databases in all the main content categories in order provide both scope and coverage
  • Financial Screening: Ability to screen a large universe of securities and companies based on both financial and non-financial screening criteria
  • Integration with Microsoft Office for Market Data: Easily extract market data in standard formats to allow for easy creation of models and presentations.

For more information on the capabilities and offerings please visit the Factset Website

Factset Learning

Factset provides many tools for learning and training and they can all be accessed via the "Navigating Your Factset Workstation" page and under the "Learning Tools" and "Print Materials" Tabs.

Trading Seminars

  • Monthly Online Learning Series
  • Factset Training Centre


  • Factset Foundations
  • Spreadsheet Reports
  • Investment Management
  • Investment Banking
  • Markets/Economic