Financial Research and Learning Lab

Accessing CFMRC TSX

CFMRX TSX database is available using the portal access.

While on campus, the database can be accessed in any lab (including the Financial Research and Learning Lab) and also using your personal computers.

Accessible on the remote lab at 90 minutes per session.



Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) database (CHASS)

The Canadian Financial Markets Research Centre (CFMRC) Summary Information Database includes daily and monthly historical market data for securities traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The database is divided into two parts: common equities and preferred equities. Daily data starts from January 1975 and monthly data from January 1950.The database also includes information such as dividends, stock splits and other price adjustment data as well as historical index data.
Information found on the CHASS interface has information that is updated both on a quarterly and annual basis .
The database can be accessed by clicking on the Latest Edition tab on the left column.
For more information on data available with CFMRC TSX please visit the CHASS website