Financial Research and Learning Lab

What Kind of Cases are Available?

There are over 30 different RIT cases available, each focusing on a different area of finance. All can be easily integrated into finance courses to teach students the practical side of the theoretical concepts they are learning in class. Cases are suited for both undergraduate and graduate students. For a more in depth overview of the cases please visit the RIT Website.

To request a case be uploaded for practice, or for Professors looking to integrate one or more of these cases into curricula please contact us.

Topics of Cases Include the following:

  • Market Microstructure
    • Agency Trading
      • VWAP Strategies
      • Price Impact
    • Liability Trading
      • Trading as a Principal
      • Orders in Illiquid Markets
      • Dynamic Order Arrival
      • Liability Trading Capstone
    • Algorithmic Trading
      • Algorithmich Arbitrage
      • Algorithmich Market Makin
  • Asset Pricing
    • Equity Valuation
      • Relative PE Valuation
      • DDM Valuation
    • Fixed Income
      • Treasury Bills
      • Coupon Bonds
      • Interest Rate Risk
      • Default Risk
      • Yield Curve
    • Price Discovery
      • Price Discovery
      • IPO Pricing
      • Asymmetric Information
      • Arbitrage Pricing
    • Commodities
      • Crude Oil Futures
      • NG Futures
      • Location Arbitrage
      • Product Arbitrage
      • Commodities Capstone
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
      • Takeover Arbitrage
    • Futures
      • Equity Index Futures
      • Cost-of-Carry (Contango)
    • Options
      • Puts and Calls
      • Options Strategies
      • Trading Volatility
    • Foreign Exchange Trading
      •  Covered Interest Rate Parity
  • Portfolio/Risk Management
    • Hedging
      • Hedging with Futures
      • Portfolio Insurance
      • Delta Neutral Hedging
      • Hedging with Index Options
      • Agricultural Hedging- Price and Production Risk
    •   Portfolio Management
      • Diversification
      • Re-balancing
      • Value-at-Risk
    • Behavioural Finance Simulation
      • Asset Bubbles
    • Wealth Management Simulation
      • Diversification

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