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  2. Email Finlab
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About Bloomberg

The Bloomberg Terminal is a powerful multi-functional tool used by over 300,000 finance professionals in 170+ countries.  It is an interactive network providing coverage on every major asset class, most publicly traded securities, industries, economies and more. It provides real-time news, data, analytics, research, and business intelligence among other things all in a single platform.

Accessing Bloomberg

While the lab is closed, Bloomberg can be accessed through its online portal.  When the lab reopens, access will revert back to the terminals installed in the Lab.  We ask users to limit their sessions to 90 minutes.

N.B. Bloomberg may only be used for non-commercial research purposes.

Creating a Bloomberg ID

First-time users:

- First create a Bloomberg for Education Account

  1. Go to to the Bloomberg for Education website and sign-up for a BMC account using your uOttawa email address (students: numbered account, no alias)

- Next, request access to a Bloomberg Terminal

  1. Once your BMC account created, click on the tab Terminal Access.
  2. Follow the instructions for signing up as a new terminal user.
  3. With the same email address used to create the above account, contact the lab to request activation by contacting us here:
  4. You will have to give your mobile number or email address to get a two-factor authentication code.
    1. We suggest you select the email address option since there may be issues with international text messages.
  5. You will receive an email with a link to the terminal access as well as your username and password. Click on it and follow the instructions.
  6. You may need to install a Citrix Workspace for Bloomberg to launch. (The error screen will provide the link if that is the case).
  7. Once activated, you can access a terminal on the Bloomberg Anywhere website.

Existing Users:

If your account gets deactivated, the Lab will need to contact Bloomberg.

Bloomberg Resources


The Bloomberg Terminal can be difficult to navigate at first glance.  For a list of Bloomberg functions and for instructions on how to use the Terminal, click here to consult our library PDF guides.

Certifications and/or Training:

The finance lab highly recommends students consult the "Terminal Basics" video module, along with the other modules of the Bloomberg Market Concepts course which can be found in your BMC account.


Bloomberg hosts "Webinar of The Week – Insights you can fit in a lunch break", a regular briefing on key market themes.  Follow this link to learn more.