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Starting January 9, 2020:

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Who we are

Bashir Hussen

Born and raised in Toronto, Bashir is currently entering his 4th year in the Bachelor of Commerce degree specializing in Finance. His passion for business and finance originates from his high-school days, and after a long deliberation, he set his sights for the nation’s capital to pursue his post-secondary studies.  Bashir joined the Telfer Capital Fund to develop his financial skills, network with individuals that share the same passion, and to facilitate his transition to a career in private equity. Bashir is actively trying to learn and improve the community around him. He plans on obtaining his CFA designation in the near future. On his off time, he loves to read, spend time with family, and watch sports.


Jack Lau

Jack Lau is a finance student at the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management and has been Portfolio Manager at Telfer’s student-managed investment fund, the Telfer Capital Fund (TCF). Jack is interested in pursuing a career in entrepreneurship, specifically in the tech startup and VCs. Jack is also very involved in different finance competition, such as Rotman International Trading Competition (RITC), Omnium Financier (OF), Jeux du Commerce (JDC). Through these activities, Jack has learned to utilize different lab resources and is always open to sharing his experiences to help other students benefit from all available opportunities.


Pierre-André Smith

Born and raised in Ottawa, Pierre-André is continuing his studies in his home city. He is currently a fourth-year student at the Telfer School of Management, pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce and specializing in Finance. With a long-standing interest in business, Pierre-André actively works towards acquiring and sharpening knowledge and skills about finance. In doing so, he’s come to be very familiar with the finance lab’s software and resources. Pierre-André is interested in pursuing a career in the capital markets or in advanced analytics, and is currently working towards his CFA designation.


Younes Talouka

Younes was born and raised in Morocco and traveled to Ottawa to pursue his post-secondary studies. Younes' background is a merger of Economics, Mathematics & Statistics and Finance. His last experience was as an intern at the World Bank in Brazil within the Trade, Investment, and Macroeconomics department. He's currently in his fourth year at the University of Ottawa doing an Honours Bachelor in Financial Mathematics and Economics. Younes also has an interest in politics and sociology.


Along with the Lab Manager, Lab Assistants are available to help with any questions, offer support for the programs and databases offered at the lab, provide 1-on-1 training to students and users and help with the growth initiatives in order ensure the lab is operating smoothly.

Lab Assistants

Winter 2020 - Lab Assistant Schedule

Lab Assistants are not available until further notice.