Digital Humanities


  • The purpose of this guide is to help you find information about Digital Humanities (DH) and related resources. It is divided into six main topics, each with examples of tools and/or software to help you enhance your research or projects.

What are Digital Humanities (DH)?

  • "In the digital humanities, we use computers to help further humanities knowledge", said Constance Crompton, holder of the Canadian Research Chair for Digital Humanities, during an interview with Robert Greeley for the uOttawa's Gazette.

    Greeley, R. (2018). What are digital humanities, anyway? uOttawa Gazette. Retrieved from

DH at uOttawa

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Study Digital Humanities at uOttawa

uOttawa offers a minor in Digital Humanities.

The Digital Humanities Summer Institute: Technologies East (DHSITE) 2019

The Digital Humanities Summer Institute 2019 takes place May 13-17 at University of Ottawa.

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BiblioGrad: Arts and Humanities' DH Toolbox

A list of workshops related to Digital Humanities.

Affiliated Librarians

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