Chemistry and Biochemistry

Finding books in the Library's collection

Omni is a discovery tool that allows you to search a large portion of the library's collections.  Use Omni to find books, e-books, journal articles, and much more.

Finding Books in Omni:

  • Start with a keyword search.
  • On the results screen, refine by format Books
  • Once you find a book of interest, you proceed by:
    • E-books:
      • Follow the link in the record to access the book.
      • If you are located off-campus, you will be asked to identify yourself.
    • For print books of interest:
      • Note the location, call number, and status.
        • If the book is available, you can go to the library and retrieve the item.
        • If the book is unavailable, you can place a hold on it.


E-Book collections in chemistry and biochemistry