How to Use Zotero

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Create a bibliography in Zotero


You can use Zotero to quickly create a bibliography.

  1. Select the references you want to include in your bibliography
  2. Over one of the selected references, right-click and choose "Create Bibliography from Items…"
  3. Choose a citation style, language and an output method (note that "Copy to Clipboard" will allow you to paste your bibliography in a Word document, for instance)
  4. Open Word and use the Paste function to insert the bibliography.

Note – Always verify the accuracy of any list of references created with Zotero.

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Task for learning: Use Zotero to create a bibliography of 10 or more items.

I have created a bibliography in Zotero and pasted it into Word. I notice that there is a mistake in the title of a book in my bibliography. If I correct the title in the Word document, will that change be saved in Zotero as well?
A) Yes: 0 votes (0%)
B) No: 2 votes (100%)
Total Votes: 2

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