How to Use Zotero

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Zotero is compatible with Chrome and Firefox. A connector for Internet Explorer or Edge is not currently available. Zotero used to be compatible with Safari, but no longer is.

  1. After installing Zotero (see Install Zotero), you should be redirected to the Zotero "Download" Web page for the appropriate browser extension. If not, return to the Zotero Download page (
  2. Click on the "Install x Connector" button (x = name of browser) on the right to install the extension (follow all the steps and prompts to download the extension and then install it; procedures may vary based on the operating system and the browser)

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Task for learning: Install Zotero browser connector in your compatible browser of choice.

Which two browsers are fully supported by Zotero?
A) Microsoft Edge and Safari: 8 votes (22.22%)
B) Firefox and Chrome: 24 votes (66.67%)
C) Safari and Chrome: 2 votes (5.56%)
D) Firefox and Microsoft Edge: 2 votes (5.56%)
Total Votes: 36

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