Civil Law

Civil Law Subjects

This page offers mostly French print resources for the following major subjects of the Civil Code of Québec, if available, the texts with English content are placed at the top of each list.

Electronic Resource

Library Floor Plans.

The Brian Dickson Law Library occupies the 4th and 5th floors of Fauteux Hall.

4th Floor:

Brian-Dickson Reading Room 419C / Washrooms 418A-B / Law Computer Lab 430 / Training Room 421

Collections : reference, legislation, general law reports, american law reports, parliamentary documents.

5th Floor:

Discussion Rooms
Collections : general (monographs, specialized law reports), periodicals, factum.

N.B.- Access the 5th Floor from stairwells D and C from inside the Library.

Jurisclasseur Québec

Family / Famille


Property / Biens


Civil Responsibility / Responsabilité civile

Prior claims and hypothecs / Priorités et hypothèques

Evidence / Preuve


Publication of rights / Publicité des droits

Private international law / Droit international privé