Health Sciences (Interdisciplinary)

What are peer-reviewed articles?

Scientific articles found in scholarly journals are generally peer-reviewed, or referred, meaning an editorial committee has evaluated the research in the paper and the paper itself.  These articles are typically long, include a list of references and report new discoveries or research results.

Many databases allow you to limit your search to only peer-reviewed articles; many but not all.

Newspapers and magazines do not contain peer-reviewed articles. 

How to verify if a journal is peer-reviewed?

Ulrich's Periodical Directory can be used to check if a journal is peer-reviewed.  Type the journal name into the search box.  Click on the title in the list of results.  If the category Refereed - Yes appears, it is a peer-reviewed journal.

Letters to the editor, comments and editorials are not peer-reviewed.

Databases with peer-review filters

Some databases will allow you to filter your search results to peer-reviewed journals only.  It's important to remember that database search filters are not perfect; you should still verify that the article in question is peer-reviewed.