Financial Research and Learning Lab

How to Access thinkorswim


thinkorswim is available on all terminals in the Financial Research and Learning Lab (Desmarais 2186).

thinkorswim will also be made available on all three computer labs in Desmarais (DMS2130, DMS2140, DMS2150).

At Home

As an additional option, students can access thinkorswim trading platform from home and on their personal computers by following these steps:

1. Download the thinkorswim application for PC or MAC

2. Request the registration link via an email

3 . Once you receive the registration link, you will then register your account and create a  'Trading Username'

4. You can use this login to access both the downloaded thinkorswim platform and your TD Ameritrade U summary




What is thinkorswim?

thinkorswim is a real online trading platform used by many self-directed investors in the United States. The special academic version of the software allows students to freely create a mock portfolio of investments in real-time and follow its results. Students can invest in stocks, options, mutual funds, futures and Forex. Most students start with $100,000 in "Paper Money"

Through the platform you can place trades and get quotes in real-time and are able to analyze your investments and create all sorts of charts and graphs.

*Only U.S. based investment are available at this point.

For more information please visit the thinkorswim website.

TD Ameritrade U

TD Ameritrade U is the companion site for thinkorswim. It allows students to keep track of their progress and rank themselves amongst their peers. In most cases, you will be allowed to see what others are investing in after 24 hours (in order for students to retain their competitive edge).

thinkorswim Training

Hard copy thinkorswim manuals entitled "How to thinkorswim" are available upon request and pickup.

You can also access a full learning centre with training videos on all topics using the thinkorswim Learning Centre.