Anatomy Resources

Huaman Anatomy Atlas

The Human Anatomy Atlas contains more than 4600 anatomical structures, including all major organs and systems of the human body. This module's features include detailed definitions, self-guided learning with hundreds of quizzes, and the ability to save custom 3D views & personal notes.

Anatomy & Phisiology

The Anatomy & Physiology provides anatomy and physiology's core concepts in a self-guided course through illustrations, 3D models, animations and quizzes.

Thieme Teaching Assistant

The Thieme Teaching Assistant is a state-of-the-art presentation tool featuring thousands of stunning illustrations and clinical images from Gilroy et al. Atlas of Anatomy, 2nd ed., which includes selected content from the Head and Neck Anatomy for Dental Medicine.

To use it, one must create a user account.

Anatomy TV : Primal’s offers detailed, accurate and evidence-based 3D reconstruction of human anatomy.  Explore, learn and master!  Prepare for lab time, and study for exams with confidence. Engage with 3D models using intuitive functions to rotate, add or remove anatomy, and identify and learn more about any visible structure. 

imaging reference center Amirsys Imaging Reference Center offers a combination of high-quality images, classical diagnoses, and evidence-based clinical content. It features over 70,000 images including CT scans, MRI, X-rays and ultrasounds. It provides summary-level detail and imaging recommendations appropriate for a broad range of medical professionals, including referring physicians (non-radiologists), hospital staff, and nurses.
Pathology Reference Center offers over 2,100 diagnoses in all areas of diagnostic pathology, 40,000 Gross pathology, H&E, IHC stains, correlative images, and colored graphics and is written by pathology experts, supported by thousands of journal references.

Vidéos d'examen physique (Université Laval) (French only)
You will have to create an account in order to have access to the videos. 

  1. Go to the Vidéos d'examen physique website
  2. Scroll down to the section "Banque de documents audiovisuels complémentaires au livre"
  3. Under "Accès à la banque", choose "non".
  4. Click on "Création d'un compte".
  5. Fill out the from and click"Créer un compte".
  6. Click on "Créer un compte".
  7. Scroll down to the section "Banque de documents audiovisuels complémentaires au livre", enter your unsername and password and click "Me connecter".
  8. Choose a category from the drop doen menu and choose a video. 

The videos complete the following book Démarche clinique. Raisonnement clinique, examen physique, entrevue médicale.

canal u

Canal-U Anatomy

Short educational films included in the digital video library of the French Ministère de l'enseignement supérieur et de la recherche. In French only.


OSCE books and videos


Image: female doctor examining female patient

Bates’ Visual Guide to Physical Examination

OSCE Clinical Skills Videos


The videos are designed to help you prepare for Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE) by testing your clinical reasoning skills. In each video you will observe a clinical encounter and be given the opportunity to develop an assessment, or differential diagnosis, and provide an appropriate diagnostic workup.



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3D -- Anatomy models available at RGN

These models are available at the Circulation desk of the Health Sciences Library (RGN).